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*Residents in African and Latin American countries


250 euros

150 euros

*Provide with the registration, proof of being a fiscal resident in a Latin American or African country by means of the corresponding document that proves fiscal residence. And in the case of students, they must be enrolled in a university in these countries, providing a copy of the current enrollment. In any case, being a fiscal resident in these countries is incompatible with having an affiliation with an institution that does not belong to a Latin American or African country. IMPORTANT: The data will be checked and any fraud detected in the information submitted will result in a request for full payment, plus a penalty of 30 euros for administration costs, or the denial from participating in the forum without the right to any type of refund.

  • Visualization of the program.

  • Presentation of a maximum of two papers as main author, of which only one in an invited symposium, and the name may not appear in more than five papers (including the coordination of a symposium).

  • Publication of abstracts in an E-book in the editorial Dykinson indexed in SPI (Ranking: Scholarly Publishers Indicators), Category: Spanish editorials, Position Q1 (position at the date of publication of this website), or at an equivalent publishing house.

  • Publication of a chapter after acceptance and payment in an E-book in the editorial Thomson Reuters indexed in SPI (Ranking: Scholarly Publishers Indicators) Category: Foreign editorials. Position: Q1, or at an equivalent publishing house. All authors of the chapter must be registered. See deadlines on the forum website.

  • Certificates in digital format, which can only be downloaded within a maximum period of ten days from the end of the event. Certificates will not be issued thereafter.

IMPORTANT: The Forum may be subject to some changes beyond the control of the organization, including changes in publishing houses and dates of the Forum.

Each registered author will be able to download the digital certificates of attendance and presentation of papers from the platform. To do so, they will have a maximum period of ten days from the end of the event.

The data included in the REGISTRATION FORM and in the WORK SUBMISSION FORM will be those that appear in the CERTIFICATES and in the PROGRAM. Changes to attendance certificates already issued will have an additional cost of 50€ per certificate. No changes will be made to the names, surnames, title, number, or order of authors.

The deadline to cancel the payment of registration is April 22, 2024 at 2:00 p.m. (Central European Standard Time), and the refund will be made after applying a reduction of a 50€ handling fee. As of the aforementioned date, the cancellation of registrations will not be possible and no refunds of any kind will be made or under any supervening conditions, including change of the date of the forum. If the reason for canceling your registration is due to non-acceptance of your job proposal, 100% of the tuition fee will be returned, even after April 22, 2024. No refunds will be made in the case of an accepted paper with modifications that were not made by the author. 

To request a refund, send an e-mail to the following address:, attaching a copy of the payment of the registration fee. If the payment was made by bank transfer, please indicate the complete number of the bank account, which must be the same as the one from which the transfer was made.

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