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The Forum aims to bring together, in a MULTIDISCIPLINARY environment, researchers, educators, managers, teachers, students, professionals, and members of other groups interested in the quality of higher education to share their theoretical knowledge, research results, and pedagogical practices on the quality of higher education. The Forum aims to cover a specialized offering of trainings according to the following objectives:

  • To learn about the new organization of university education.

  • To analyze and debate on the selection of contract and civil servant professors.

  • To know and debate on the situation of the doctorate in Spain, the European Union, and Iberoamerica.

  • Update on the current situation of the European Convergence process in Spain and the European Union.

  • To know the different plans that Spanish universities have to promote research, quality, and European Convergence.

  • To know the different tools to evaluate the quality of scientific research.

  • To reflect on the processes of convergence, comparability, and compatibility of higher education in Latin America.

  • To debate on the university models that promote quality in Higher Education and Scientific Research in Ibero-America.

  • To analyze the progress of university quality evaluation and accreditation systems in Ibero-America.

  • To learn about and discuss the factors that impact the quality assurance of HEIs and quality assurance systems in Ibero-America: professors, curricula, doctorates, etc.

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